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"I encourage Republicans and Democrats alike, liberals and conservatives, to read and process this book. will likely prove to be unsettling to many—but I think we need some shaking up right now."

Mike Huckabee

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Sinful Silence presents biblical principles that will remove any doubt as to God's heart on the issue of civil involvement. Starting each chapter with an engaging illustration of current events, Ken Connor and John Revell make a compelling case from the writings of the mighty prophet Isaiah—a case that may alarm you—but a case that will hopefully draw you into a closer walk with God. getting the most from god
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In Sinful Silence, Ken Connor and John Revell explore the responsibilities of Christians in a civil society, and make a strong case for renewed faith and accountability among us all.

Jeb Bush
Governor of Florida

A wonderfully readable, convicting book... the kind of equipping the Church desperately needs.

Charles Colson

This book is a must read in these challenging times. Sinful Silence makes a compelling case for Christian engagement in the public square.

LtCol Oliver North
USMC (Ret); host of War Stories on FOX News Channel; author of NYT bestseller, American Hero

...a work that will open [the readers'] eyes to the vital and strategic role each and every citizen shares in shaping our nation's policy and charting its course for the future.

Newt Gingrich
Former Speaker of the House

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