Ken Connor has been a real stalwart in countless political battles, standing up for the dignity of human life and for the interests of families regardless of the obstacles. In this book, he and John Revell lay out the principles for Christian engagement in the public square and challenge believers to live up to their principles of social justice and good stewardship when determining their political responsibilities. A much-needed book.

Sam Brownback
United States Senator

In Sinful Silence, Ken Connor and John Revell explore the responsibilities of Christians in a civil society, and make a strong case for renewed faith and accountability among us all. Their work reminds us that we each have a role in government, and encourages us to honor that commitment in our actions every day.

Jeb Bush
Governor of Florida

For years I have appealed to Southern Baptists to join me in earnestly praying for revival to sweep our land. Yet I believe one serious obstacle to revival is our collective failure to obey the Lord’s command to act as “salt” and “light,” particularly in the area of civil government. I strongly urge you to examine and apply the biblical principles in this book, principles that call us to reflect God and His priorities, even in the civil arena.

Morris H. Chapman
President and Chief Executive Officer
SBC Executive Committee

A wonderfully readable, convicting book, challenging Christians to be, as Augustine put it, the best of citizens. This will be a useful guide for Christians to engage the culture faithfully and thoughtfully; it’s the kind of equipping the Church desperately needs.

Charles Colson
Founder and Past President
Prison Fellowship Ministries

Ken Connor and John Revell have produced a very relevant and desperately needed new book entitled, "Sinful Silence: When Christians Neglect Their Civic Duty." The book shares in a most engaging fashion the need for Christians to be active in every phase of our culture. This is a "must read" for every Christian who does not wish to see our nation sink any further into the mire of godlessness.

D. James Kennedy
Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Founder of “Evangelism Explosion”

From the pen of Ken Connor and John Revell comes a particularly timely and insightful work that looks to God’s perspective on ancient Israel’s fascination with her neighbors coupled with critical New Testament teachings on Christians’ obligation to engage the culture. Sinful Silence pulls no punches: Christians bear liability for the moral values promoted by their government. God expects Christians to be involved in their nation’s civic affairs and He calls them to make election year decisions according to their understanding of His values.

Richard Land
SBC Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

Ken Connor and John Revell have written an engaging and compelling book about the obligations of Christian citizenship. Their work provides the evidence for Daniel Webster's observation: "Whatever makes men good Christians makes them good citizens."

Mel Martinez
Former U.S. Secretary for Housing and Urban Development

Our civilization stands not only at a critical moment of decision—it stands on the brink of crisis. The intellectual, ideological, moral, and political fault lines of our contemporary conflict all point to a fundamental spiritual problem. Far too many Christians fail to bring Christian conviction into the public square and fail to speak out when silence is indeed sinful. Ken Connor and John Revell have issued a manifesto that should awaken the church, embarrass the silent, and embolden a new generation of Christians to courageous truth telling. Every Christian should read this book.

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Louisville, Kentucky

At first sight of the impending release of "Sinful Silence" I made a note, "Get this book now!" Both authors are personal acquaintances and dynamic Christians with whom I have had the privilege to serve the Lord. Outside of the fact that Christians neglect their obligations to do personal soul winning, nothing needs more concern than our civic duty before God. "Get this book now!"

Bobby H. Welch,
Pastor First Baptist Church
Daytona Beach, Florida;
Originator of the “FAITH” evangelism strategy

This book is a must read in these challenging times. Sinful Silence makes a compelling case for Christian engagement in the public square.

LtCol Oliver North
USMC (Ret); host of War Stories on FOX News Channel; author of NYT bestseller, American Hero

...a work that will open [the readers'] eyes to the vital and strategic role each and every citizen shares in shaping our nation's policy and charting its course for the future.

Newt Gingrich
Former Speaker of the House

I encourage Republicans and Democrats alike, liberals and conservatives, to read and process this book. will likely prove to be unsettling to many—but I think we need some shaking up right now.

Mike Huckabee